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About KDS-
KDS School of Self Reliance is located in Rougemont, North Carolina at the foothills of Appalachia and founded by retired Green Beret Master Sergeant Brian Morris. Brian spent his 25 year career honing his survival skills by putting many of the techniques taught at KDS to the ultimate test in real world combat operations around the globe and attributes the validity and effectiveness of the techniques he teaches to his use of battle tested military methodology and to his being exposed and mentored  by some of the greatest Spec Ops operators to ever live.  (For more about Brian see the KDS Founder page).

What makes KDS different from other survival schools?

Over Brian’s many years of service he developed and honed what he has coined “The 8 Pillars of Survival”, a survival philosophy that utilizes a linear-fluid approach to survival based problem solving requiring practitioners to utilize their situational awareness to choose what pillar to focus on in an ever fluid survival scenario in order to continually adjust and flow between pillars in order to optimize their chances of survival. The 8 pillars consist of Food, Water, Shelter, Security, Communications, Health, Land Navigation, and Fire-Craft. KDS applies the Spec Ops philosophy to everything we teach. What I mean by that is we teach in a simple, easy to remember, “crawl-walk-run” manner that will apply common sense, smarter not harder techniques and methodology to all of the essential survival skills needed to allow our students to survive and thrive in any situation they may find themselves in. At KDS we always weigh the risks against the rewards in everything we teach so that students learn the right way to minimize and mitigate the chances of compounding their survival situation by making decisions that were not thought out or based off of proven and battle tested techniques, tactics, and procedures. You can rest easy knowing that Brian personally vets every KDS Instructor to ensure that the information being put out is coming from only from the most highly respected and proficient members of the Special Operations and Emergency Preparedness communities.

Why KDS incorporates firearms training into its core curriculum?

Because of the fact that the world is inarguably a volatile place, and there is no way of knowing where you will be or what the dangers are that you may face when a disaster or major emergency occurs, we believe it is imperative that you use all the tools available to you, including firearms if necessary, to break contact with those threats and as quickly as possible, get yourself and those you love as far away from the source of danger as is humanly feasible. Remember that all humans poses the same survival instinct; the only real difference is some people for a multitude of reasons, chose not to prepare for a localized emergency such as a severe weather event, let alone a national catastrophe, and because of that you can be sure that those who were not prepared at some point once desperation sets it will come to try and take what you have to assure their survival. That is why “Security” is a core Pillar of the KDS survival methodology, and it is the reason we incorporate firearms training into our program of instruction.