Personal Protection

At SF24 Solutions we provide group and individual level services and training in all facets of Personnel Recovery, wilderness survival, evasive disengagement, hostage survival, and terrorism awareness as well as all aspects of personal security from passive to kinetic to include:

  • Individually tailored courses in put together specifically to address your specific training needs and nothing else allow maximum training time without the distraction of unnecessary content.
  • Small Class Sizes (Maximum of 12 students per class) makes for maximum facetime with instructors.
  • One on One training is available at an affordable rate of $625.00 per day.
  • Area Studies, Threat Assessments, and Threat Briefings as well as Area Threat Mitigation Briefings are available either in house, through videoconference, or we will come to your location.
  • One on One or Group Marksmanship and Tactical Training.
  • Full Spectrum Training in Escalation of Force including both less than lethal as well as lethal countermeasures.
  • Personal Security Techniques, Tactics and Procedures.

SF24 Solutions hire only the most qualified Special Operations professionals, Security, and Self reliance subject matter experts to represent the company as instructors so you can rest assured that you will be in good hands!