KDS Class Descriptions & Class Dates

KDS Course Descriptions and Class Dates:

Course Title:

KDS 8 Pillar Survival Basics Course

Course Costs:

$999.99 Per Person

Course Length:

4 Days (All Basic Course class dates are Friday through Monday)

Course Description:

The KDS 8 Pillar Survival Basics Course is our flagship course and it is the foundatinal training for all of the advanced courses that we teach here at KDS. Topics covered in detail in this course are food procurement, water procurement, finding/building shelter, security and personal protection, communications and signal techniques, health and basic first aid/buddy aid, basic land navigation and direction finding techniques, and fire-craft. The Basic course is a perfect for everyone from novice outdoorsman just starting to learn survival skills, all the way to the those looking to either refresh their knowledge on skill sets that they have not used in a long period of time or as a gauge to identify the areas that you want to improve on the most. We recommend that everyone starts out with the KDS 8 Pillar Survival Basics Course in order to lay down a core foundation that all of our other courses can build on.

***KDS can not hold slots for students who have not yet paid for training. Please pay course tuition in full no later than 7 days prior to course start date in order to avoid or class being cancelled due to lack of registration.

***NOTE: KDS requires a minimum of 3 paying students (full rate) to move forward to conducting any of our planned training courses. In the event that a class is cancelled due to not reaching our registration marker of 3 students then you will be given the chance to reschedule to another class date, renegotiate terms of training, or to be refunded your money with no questions asked. These terms will be applied to any time KDS needs to cancel a course for any reason. It is due to this that we highly recommend that those flying commercial air into North Carolina purchase only tickets that are refundable.

***NOTE: For those flying into RDU (our closest large airport), KDS will provide a one time shuttle on the Thursday night prior to training leaving the airport at 7pm. We will provide a very Spartan accommodation for anyone wishing to camp out on the property the night before training starts. If you wish to stay in a hotel overnight and then meet at the link up on Friday morning then we re commend taking a Taxi or Uber to the training site. If you are driving to us then you can either pre arrange with us to camp overnight as well or you can meet at the link up point with your vehicle at 0730 on Friday morning and we will guide you in to the parking area. The link up point for all KDS training will always be at:

Road Junction Keiger Road/Boogaboo Trail Rougemont, NC 27572

A KDS Cadre Member will be waiting to guide you in to the parking area.

Course Dates:

KDS 8 Pillar Survival Basics Course Class 0119:

11-14 January 2019

KDS 8 Pillar Survival Basics Course Class 0219:

15-18 February 2019

KDS 8 Pillar Survival Basics Course Class 0319:

15-18 March 2019

KDS 8 Pillar Survival Basics Course Class 0419:

12-15 April 2019

KDS 8 Pillar Survival Basics Course Class 0519:

17-20 May 2019

KDS 8 Pillar Survival Basics Course Class 0619:

21-24 June 2019

Payment Link:


Course Title:

KDS Customized 1 on 1 Survival Training

Course Costs:

$62.50 Per Hour-

Any training lasting less than 10 hours will be Pro-Rated down to $62.50 an hour (rounded up to the next hour) for any training conducted in less than a 8 hour training day. (7.5% Sales Tax Not Included).

$500.00 Per Day Max-

Training is set at a fixed rate of $500.00 a day cap for all training running over 8 hours but not exceeding 24 hours (7.5% Sales Tax Not Included).

***These prices reflect 1 on 1 rates for customized training and do not apply to pre-established KDS Courses. Additionally, rates are subject to change on a case by case basis in the event that the desired training requires additional instructors, facilities, or any other resources that exceed the standard overhead costs of KDS to facilitate the training.

Course Length:

1 hour/1 day increments

Course Description:

We offer self paced, 1 on 1 training specifically tailored to your learning needs and will design a training program of instruction that will focus on those skill sets that you need the most help on improving. If you know the areas you want to train in we will help you achieve your goals; if you are not sure, then we offer a free evaluation to help you identify the training that is most suited to your needs. Training areas you have to choose from include (but are not limited to):

  • Minimalist Survival Training (Zero Assist/Knife Only/Knife & Survival Kit Only/BOB Only)
  • Primitive Tools & Equipment Construction and Use
  • Low Signature Camping & Hiking Techniques and Procedures
  • Food Procurement (hunting, fishing, trapping, foraging or prepping), food preparation, food preservation, and food storage.
  • Edible Plant Identification
  • Water Procurement, water storage, and water purification.
  • Shelter (all environments-urban to woodland), finding, reinforcing, or building (primitive and modern)
  • Personal Protection and Self Defense
  • Breaking Contact
  • Home Security and Early Warning
  • Marksmanship and Small Arms Training
  • Less-Than-Lethal Weapons Usage and Escalation of Force
  • Establish & Maintain Security Perimeters
  • Tactical Movement Techniques & React to Contact
  • Establishish Security Checkpoints
  • Security Search & Seizure Techniques (people, vehicles, buildings/structures)
  • Field Expedient Weapons and Primitive Weapons
  • HAM Radio Operation
  • 2 Way Radio and Antennas
  • CB Radios and Police Scanners
  • Morse Code
  • First Aid/Buddy Aid
  • Battle Field Trauma
  • field Expedient Medicine & Home Remedies
  • Poisonous Plant & Animal Identification
  • Search & Rescue
  • Tracking/Countertracking
  • Field Expedient Navigation & Direction Finding Techniques
  • Basic & Advanced Map Reading and Orienteering
  • Fire Craft (constructing, starting & maintaining a fire)
  • Bug Out Bag (BOB) Construction & Employment
  • Bug Out Plans, Route Development, and Locations and Vehicles
  • Governmental Detention and Hostage Survival
  • High Risk Destination Travel Preparation
  • Escape & Evade Captivity
  • Prepping, Homesteading, and the Self Reliant Lifestyle
  • Emergency Preparedness, Planning, & Management
  • Leadership Development, Team Building and Problem Solving

If you see a topic that you would like to learn more about or if there is something you want to learn but do not see then please let us know and we will work with you to develops a training plan of action that is right for you.

course Dates:

All customized training will be scheduled around KDS group courses to avoid confliction.