Book Reviews

“The best book money can buy! Brian is a true subject matter expert, with 25 years of formal training, operational experience and practical application”.

Master Sergeant (Retired) Rex W. Dodson,
US Army Special Forces, Author

“Master Sergeant (Retired) Brian Morris has spent a career honing his personal survival skills and passing on his knowledge and experience to others. He is able to put his experience into perspective and language that anyone can understand, perhaps giving you the tools to survive when your situation takes a turn for the worse”.

Sergeant Major (Retired) James “JW” Wallace,
US Army Special Forces

“Brian used his wealth of experience and training to finally put down on paper the steps for everyone to be able to protect themselves in a complex world. Brian has taken a variety of situations and given a step by step guide to better protect yourself from the dangers of the world. Using case studies and personal knowledge he has put together a first class example of what everyone should know to not feel safer but be safer. This is a must read for every traveler”.

Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Brian Berry,
US Army Special Forces

“By applying the concise, no-nonsense information in this book, everyone from the rancher on the porous US border to the global business traveler will be equipped to become the hard target, counter sophisticated criminal and terrorist elements, and navigate and even thrive in an increasingly turbulent and violent world.”

Sergeant Major (Retired) Robert W. Latham, Jr.,
US Army Special Forces

“Most people at one point or another in their lives will find themselves traveling somewhere new. For some, it may only be to a nearby state or neighboring country. For some, it may only be an occasional thing or special vacation. For many folks in modern times, Travel is a way of life, if not professionally, then at least for adventure or relaxation. For anyone and everyone, unless you never leave the house, this book is a must read!”

Mykel Hawke,
Survival Expert, Author, Retired Green Beret

“A straight forward no non-sense approach to personal safety and security both at home and abroad”

Chief Warrant Officer 4 (Retired) Paul C. McGinty,
US Army Special Forces