Book Introduction

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Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the United States of America and the free world have been on a heightened state of alert in an effort to thwart future terrorist activity. In order to guarantee that every possible step be taken to mitigate the risk of another terrorist attack, it is imperative that American citizens take protective measures to ensure vigilance and the hardening of potential US targets at home and abroad. To achieve this goal, it is first necessary to understand the terrorist threats that currently exist and to understand what measures must be taken to decrease our vulnerability to these pressures.

This is real terrorism, which not only affects the US infrastructure and interests, but also targets American citizens in their everyday lives. The purpose of this book is to help the reader widen his or her situational awareness by providing an understanding of the terrorist threat at home and abroad and how to employ situation-based measures to lower their personal vulnerability. They must also comprehend the vulnerability of the infrastructure that surrounds them, recognize proper responses to threat actions, and understand how to implement personal security measures.

After more than twelve years of war, the United States and its citizens remain vulnerable to a terrorist attack by a ruthless enemy that is intent on instilling fear and doubt in the hearts and minds of Americans both at home and abroad. Even without the possibility of terrorism, it is a dangerous world filled with criminals and thieves who have the potential to take our property or do us harm. It is imperative that Americans remain vigilant while still conducting their usual business and living their lives fully, either at home in the United States or while traveling abroad. Risk exists and can never be fully eradicated. However, by following the guidelines in this book, you may learn to recognize and mitigate the risk that does exist and make yourself and your loved ones safer in the process.
Situational Awareness

The first and most important step to combating terrorism and other threats is to have keen situational awareness. Situational awareness is nothing more than staying alert, being aware of your surroundings, and understanding the reality of threats that you may face in any given situation. An individual with good situational awareness never takes anything for granted and makes security a part of his or her routine. Terrorists, thieves, and other criminals are usually cunning and often patient. They are waiting for individuals and organizations to relax their guard and to settle into predictable patterns of behavior. This is the very definition of a “soft” target. Soft targets provide a relatively high yield of damage to the target compared to a low expenditure of resources by the terrorist or criminal. By maintaining a high level of situational awareness, people may alleviate and manage their risk of terrorists or criminals targeting them in the first place.