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Welcome to KDS! Here you will find all of course information, class dates, and the latest news about Knuckle Dragger Survival, School of Self Reliance. Thank you for visiting this site and I look forward to being able to work with you sometime in the very near future!

De Oppresso Liber!

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Current courses being offered by KDS:

KDS 8 Pillar Survival Basics Course
Duration- 4 Days
Cost- $999.99 Per Person

Our 8 Pillar Survival Basics Course is intended for adults 18 or older (17 if considered legally an adult) that focusses on my linear, 8 Pillar survival philosophy which encompasses the 8 skill sets and focus areas that I believe to be most essential for long term survival. The 8 pillars are Food, Water, Shelter, Security, Communications, Health, Land Navigation, and Fire-Craft. Unlike other survival systems that take the pyramid approach to survival by identifying certain needs as more vital than others; my system looks at survival needs as being fluid and ever changing, and we encourage our students to use their intuition and apply situational awareness to determine which of the 8 survival pillars to apply to whatever emergency scenario they may find themselves in. At KDS we intentionally cap our class sizes to 8 students or less so that you will get a far more intimate and often one on one instruction from some of the most experienced survival and emergency preparedness instructors that you will find, bar none!

KDS 8 Pillar Survival Basics Course Dates-

KDS 8 Pillar Survival Basics Course Class 0119:
11-14 January 2019
KDS 8 Pillar Survival Basics Course Class 0219:
15-18 February 2019
KDS 8 Pillar Survival Basics Course Class 0319:
15-18 March 2019
KDS 8 Pillar Survival Basics Course Class 0419:
12-15 April 2019
KDS 8 Pillar Survival Basics Course Class 0519:
17-20 May 2019
KDS 8 Pillar Survival Basics Course Class 0619:
21-24 June 2019


Buy One Slot Get One Half Off; Bring a Friend and Get Our $1,499 Package Deal for Two!

10% Discount for Active Duty, NG/Reserve, and Retired Service Members
Military Gold Star Veterans can attend ANY of our course packages FREE of CHARGE (subject to minimum course size of 3 paying students having been met)

Current Courses Available:

Payment Details:

NOTE: KDS is currently in the process of taking payments right here directly from our website so expect to see this feature within the next few days! Until then you can still sign up and make payments by following the directions below.

Cost Per Person to Attend: $999.99

Minimum Down Payment required to hold your slot: $333.33

$99.99 of the $333.33 down payment is nonrefundable (unless the class is cancelled by KDS or in other rare case by case situations). The other $233.34 is refundable until 7 days prior to training at which time it too is nonrefundable.

The remaining $666.00 due to KDS prior to the start of training.


For current payment details or to get more information on training contact KDS directly at: